so i came out to the dressmaker

and you know what she did? she hugged me. and then hugged me again and gave me a kiss. i’d love to write more but it’s late and i need to pack up for our trip tomorrow (wedding in upstate ny). but i just had to write a little something while i had the chance and things were still fresh in my mind.

when i told her that i was afraid to tell her to begin with, b/c i needed her help so badly and i didn’t want to jeopardize anything (this was very hard for me to verbalize; lump in throat reappeared), she hugged me more.

i’ll tell you, love sometimes comes from the unlikeliest of places–but that can be the very best kind. ppl are just being so kind to me (a certain cousin of a good friend who’s helping clueless me find shoes and accessories; the salesgirl in the nordstrom lingerie dept. who gave me her card and told me she’d personally take me around the store whenever i’m ready; a certain newscaster who shall remain nameless that went out of her way to dress shop online for a girl she hardly knew; a team, literally (ok, three! but still, that’s a lot) of hairdressers who are taking the entire day of our wedding off to devote to us. all that love, those warm feelings, it really counts, it means something. and it sort of washes away the muck we’ve gone thru(that i think by this point, fingers crossed, is behind us) to get where we are today. i guess what i’m trying to say is that i’m not feeling so alone anymore. ppl want to help. all you have to do is ask–and then let them.


4 responses to “so i came out to the dressmaker

  1. Jessie Schlosberg

    okay, you gave me your lump in the throat! can’t wait to see you tomorrow baby!

  2. Will be thinking about you and Holly as you traipse down the aisle. Be fabulous! Mwahhh!

    And one for the dear sweet dressmaker, too: Mwahhhh! I kiss anyone who is about your life easier.

  3. “making”– left a word in my last comment. anyone who is about *making* your life easier.

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