my attention span is waning

and it wasn’t all that great before. seriously, it’s next to nothing. is this normal for a bride-to-be?

i can just barely focus on one thing at a time. i put something down, and five minutes later, i’m frantically looking for it, convinced i’ve lost whatever it is for good. i feel like i get absolutely nothing done. my head’s only slightly above water. i’ve still got the eye twitch. my hair is puffy. [this could be due more to the indian summer we’re having here in baltimore than my general feeling of dishevelment. (is that even a word?) regardless, it’s still puffy and i don’t like it.] and the headaches are coming on strong. i hope i get back to myself after this wedding. tho we’ve been planning it for so long, that i kind of forget what i was like before.

ok, that was rilly heavy. here’s some comic relief. i was literally driving on E last night on the way home from work. my final hope was the gas station on fleet street in canton. about a block before i got there, i saw a rat crossing the street just up ahead. the fact that it was out and so brazenly about in broad daylight didn’t get me so much as its speed–or…lack thereof. goodness gracious, it was the slowest rat i’ve ever seen! i figured, this rat has either got to be injured or just plain dumb. (unfortunately, i think it was the latter. kind of shocking considering how enterprising and steadfast baltimore rats can be. oh, i could tell you some stories). i was approaching a stop sign anyway, so i had a chance to slow down and watch it. and, as the front tires of a toyota inched up on the critter, i. could just. not. take. my eyes. away! i was sort of convinced that i was actually going to see a rat explosion. i was like, no, turn away! wait, no! look! wait! don’t! ohmygoshiwanttosee! so i watched. and at the last possible second, the rat managed to weave around the tires and make it to the other side of the street safely. i breathed out and laughed.

this is low-budget fun in bmore, folks. rat theatre. remind me to tell you about the time i saw them playing tag in our backyard. and once again i say: oy.

unrelatedly, if you didn’t see the mtv video music awards the other night (or you just fell asleep like i did) you missed this: rihanna w/T.I. (i caught it on a round-up show last night. again, i’m sure mtv will show it at least 10,000 times in the next couple months.) how FABULOUS is she?? omG i can’t even deal. seriously. rock star. hotttttttttt!


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