actually, it was our roof

our neighborhood, post-hanna, out our front window.

our neighborhood, post-hanna, out our front window.

that leaked, not so much the basement. (thankfully. tho it did do its usual hard rain/floor-soak thing, but defintely didn’t flood) saturday, as hanna’s blustery rain was coming down, i heard a WHOOSH! and thought it was the rain and wind rattling our skylight (most rowhouses in baltimore, at least in our east baltimore neighborhood, have these old-school skylights; one on every house and usually in the same spot). i called down to holly and was like BABE, WOH! THE RAIN’S REALLY HITTING THE SKYLIGHT!she was on the phone so i shrugged and kept on doing whatever it was i was doing. maybe 20 mins. later, she walked into our master bathroom was like SH*T! there was water coming in thru the ceiling, thru our ventilation fan/light. we called our roofer–who acted like a complete tool, fyi, saying it’d cost $1,500 just to come out in the rain (whatever) and “there was nothing he could do in the rain anyway” (again: whatever.). this is a our new 20-year roof, mind you. (the flat, asphalt kind that goes on a rowhouse) he was all, “what kinda roof did you guys buy?” and holly was like, um, a 20-year roof. and he was like, “i don’t think you got that kind of roof.” and holly was like, look, even if was a 10-year roof, it’s still warranted for, like, eight and a half more years! he said we’d need to find the contract, since it’s in their “archives” (the archives meaning probably a filing cabinet in his living room) and it’d “take too long” to find it. so we were like, screw it, and did what any sensible (yes, gay) girls would do: go to home depot and buy a big ol blue tarp. we put it over where we thought the leak was, punched a couple ventilation holes in and it miraculously stopped leaking. (in all fairness, i did pretty much nothing but look cute on the roof and pick things up but only barely. no, i helped a little. ha.) that was the most annoying thing about hanna the tropical storm: not the rain, the damn roofer. dammit, these wussy subcontractor guys! anything to get out of actually coming over to fix something.

the rain gave us a great excuse to go to blockbuster and rent a ridiculous amount of movies. and cook and do laundry. the rain ended suddenly and the once-scary clouds quickly turned into these beautiful, glowing puffs that just sort of rolled by. i took a photo of them (above) with my new phone. yeah, we got new phones. the sprint instinct. ridiculous, crush-worthy phones that i am still trying to figure out how to use. more on that another day. (disclaimer: holly somehow talked sprint into giving them to us for like, one-fifth the price. no way no how are we gonna spend like $500 on a phone.)

as for the BFGW (Big Fat Gay Wedding), i managed to stay relatively calm saturday but went into all-out panic mode last night when we realized–GULP!–invitations. out. soon. yeah, totally not done. totally not even drafted. totally not at the printers. we will take care of this week, and all will be well. but man, i just started freaking out about everything last night. that’s what usually happens to me: something will set me off and then everything will snowball and then holly’s like STOPPIT, WOMAN, YOU’RE GIVING ME CHEST PAINS. YOU’RE GOING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK EVERYTHING’S GOING TO BE FINE.

this is why i’m not a party planner. this is why i’m a journalist. so i can stick to writing about other ppl’s parties. thank goodness the mtv video music awards were on. nothing distracts me and cheers me more than the anticipation of seeing hot girls kiss on live tv. i thought perhaps katy perry might enjoy the taste of some cher-ry chapstick for all her fans. (did this happen? i have no idea, as i cheesed out and fell asleep to “failure to launch” on cable for the zillionth time instead. i’m quite sure mtv will replay it at least 100 times over the next few months. and um, did anyone think lil wayne’s pants were actually gonna fall down during his performance? p.s. if i ever stop watching mtv, shoot me, b/c oh how i love me some ridiculous, shiny, overproduced pop culture.)    

it’ll be a nice short week for us, as we’re attending a wedding (reception only, as the actual wedding was in greece a couple months ago) this weekend, sure to be full of fun of the rowdiest kind. all my old college peeps will be in once place and i’m just bursting outta my skin. after this, two weddings down, one to go: ours. YIKES. (bring on the lean cuisine, baby! bring it!)


One response to “actually, it was our roof

  1. i hate your roofer already. i shall think mean thoughts in his direction.

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