missing shoes & up-dos

last night, i had myself absolutely convinced that holly was to blame for my missing running shoe. she wasn’t even around! she was in class. drawing class. innocently sketching away–thinking of how excited i’d be when she brought home her project, she’d tell me hours later–while i was busy mumbling to myself how she always manages to lose all of my cool things. which, of course, isn’t true. it’s neurotic little me who always loses everything (and sensibile holly who finds them).

when she called to tell me she was on her way home, i bursted out WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY OTHER RUNNING SHOE?!! [i was exceptionally excited to get on the treadmill (yes, that’s how we do in balitmore, aka murderville, after dark) b/c i had just downloaded the new pink song] she starting laughing and reminded me that it was in our backyard. “remember, honey? you stepped in cat poop and were drying it out in the sun over the weekend?” (um yeah, the alleycat poop in the yard? totally different story. don’t even get me started.) i was like OH YEAH. ha. whooopsy.

in BFGW (Big Fat Gay Wedding) news my new thing is trying to find a hairstyle to go w/said supersecret under-construction dress. how does one do this? i stopped at barnes & noble on the way home earlier this week, and pretty much gagged while i was looking thru all the really and truly lame wedding and “celebrity hair” magazines. now that i have all this long hair, wtf do i do w/it?? i’m sure my fabulous peeps at our salon will figure it out. but i thought i may as well try to do a little research. also? shoes. and jewelry. i think i’m missing the girl gene that would get me excited to shop for all this stuff. as my late grandmother would say: oy.


2 responses to “missing shoes & up-dos

  1. Shoes, jewelry, and hairstyles = a few of my favorite things! (Picture Julie Andrews…NOW!) If you need help, I’m around! xo

  2. Jessie Schlosberg

    I found my hairstyle when we were looking for photographers. This one chick had my hairstyle so I printed a copy of the pic and took it to my guy. it worked out beautifully! can’t wait to see you next weekend!

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