trying to catch your heart is like trying to catch a star

ok, that headline has absolutely nothing to do with whatever it is i’m about to write, but isn’t it so funny?? if you’re…hmmm…at least, say, 25 (?) you might even be silently mouthing part of the chorus right now [“carry your heeeeart into my arms/that’s where you belong/ in my arms, baby, yeah” (oh don’t EVEN. i know you are. i can see you doing it right now!)]  i’ve got a great remix of that song (click there for a trip down memory lane, omg), and was listening to it as i drove in this morning. (nothing like a good, early-morning remix (up rilly rilly LOUD, ‘natch). i mean, who the hell cares if ppl give you looks as you pull into your suburban day job parking lot?? if they drank more coffee and/or wore frosty lipstick, they’d probably understand). so anyway, as i was on 695 (that would the not-so-fabulous baltimore beltway) i thought, omG that is just so funny, i gots to put it on the blog. a shout-out to days gone by, if you will.

speaking of days gone by, ring shopping for the BFGW (Big Fat Gay Wedding) last night got me surprisingly emotional, which, in turn, got me thinking about…what to call it….oh, ok, here we go: relationship milestones. if you’ve been in a long-term relationship or are in one, you probably know what i’m talking about. those defining moments where you know something big is happening. holly and i agree that one of our biggest was about, let’s see, i think sept. ’03, so, gosh, almost five years ago! (holly, i’ve been livin’ w/’cho ass for five yearsalready??? geesh. jk jk you know i love ya) we were sitting in the leasing office of a dc apartment complex (very swank, looking back on it and comparing it now to our errr… transitionalbmore neighborhood) about to sign our very first lease together. i was like, tearing up. crying! i started to cry when the leasing lady walked out for a few moments. b/c after a solid two+ years together (that would be 14 in GY (gay years). ok bad for the cause! bad for the cause! but so funny), we were finally doing the BGMI (Big Gay Move-In. ha! just totally made that up. laffing!) i mean, the mere fact that we had been together so long and waited  was a big enough deal. [for all of you who haven’t heard the joke, “what does a lezzie bring on the second date?” (omG WHAT?!) “a U-HAUL!!!” hahaHA! ok, time for the boys: “what does a gay guy bring on the second date?” (omG WHAT?!!) “WHAT SECOND DATE!” remember, ppl! if you ARE one, you can make fun (oh and i def. am one)] and trust me, i could have waited even longer but holly was not havin’ it. anyway, my hand was probably shaking when i signed that lease. for all intents and purposes, we could have been signing a freakin’ marriage contract. but it was just a lease. and looking back on it, i can’t belittle the experience. b/c back then, it was the absolute biggest thing happening in my life. and now, here we are, shopping for wedding bands. (great, tearing up again, sigh; i am a WAB: a Weepy-Ass Bride) just trying them on under the bright lights of the jewelry store last night put a lump in my throat. way back when, an apartment lease might as well of meant forever. but this really does mean forever. man, we have come so far.


3 responses to “trying to catch your heart is like trying to catch a star

  1. I remember well when you moved in together … I was a little sad we wouldn’t be next-door neighbors, but so happy for your next step. I love that you remember all the moments (both of you), and I can’t wait to celebrate another one with you this fall. xo

  2. we did make the very best next-door neighbors, tho, didn’t we??? awww, nicolina…

  3. I shouldn’t have read this last one when I was so vulnerable!!! Now I have that FREAKIN’ song stuck in my FREAKIN’ head.

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