the bottom line is

that we’ve invited way too many ppl to this wedding. BUT OMG WE HAVE JUST BEEN SO EXCITED, and perhaps handed out a tad too many save-the-date cards. (i grew suspicious of this possibility when i ordered another batch of postcards, but clearly must have been in denial.) so, yeah, the bottom line is that everyone in our lives who’ve been supportive of us and our nuptials, we’re like, C’MON! THE MORE THE MERRIER! not really thinking of the reality of it all. now we’re way past 200 ppl (like, *gulp*, around 220), and holly and i are looking at each other like a couple deer in headlights, swallowing hard and both thinking simultaneously, what on earth are we gonna do???

we were looking at each other like that last week when we did a site visit. man, i’ve never been so happy to have taken a migraine pill b/c, between my mouth going numb like it does (?! i know, don’t even ask) and just not being able to think too clearly, i wasn’t able to freak the way i would’ve if i hadn’t. yeah, so basically our fabulous but unconventional dc venue (that we’ve had our hearts set on for well over a year now) just can’t accomodate our crowd for both the ceremony and reception. so now we’re scurrying to find a new site for the ceremony, and, yes we’re sort of panicking.

ok, i’ll tell you the truth b/c you’re my readers and you deserve it. it’s more like just me panicking. (ok, i actually think you already guessed that. thanks for the vote of confidence, guys.) holly continues to be methodical and steadfast, and i just tend to freak out, driving the poor girl crazy like i do. i just keep thinking, w-w-w-wait. are we on one of those wedding reality shows??? TELL ME WE’RE ACTUALLY ON ONE OF THOSE WEDDING SHOWS! where, at the last moment (granted, our wedding’s in mid-november, but it might as well be the last moment the way i’m feeling), something falls thru. except the couples on tv have a wedding planner, and s/he talks them down from the ledge and fixes everything in, like, 10 minutes and then everything is faaaaaabulous again. but we do not have such a luxury (now i see why ppl hire them, but, c’mon, that’s gotta be expensive), so yeah, we’re working on it.

in other news, does michael phelps have the cutest little butt on tv these days or what?? i may be a big ol’ homo but i have eyes! AND HE’S FROM BALTIMORE! i know, right?? i can barely believe it, but it’s true! i must admit, for all my baltimore trash talkin’, i feel proud. when he comes back, maybe we’ll like, omG! see him out! i’ll definitely have to ask him when he eats lunch.


5 responses to “the bottom line is

  1. Remember you won’t get a 100 percent return rate from your invitations. So if you are inviting 220, I think having 200 people attend is realistic.

    How can Michael Phelps ass be cute? It is non-existant!

  2. well i said it was little! haha

  3. Please ask him out to lunch when I visit, thank you.

  4. oh you know i will!

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