hot damn

i love all you people! <<sigh>> and i love your comments! it’s hard for me to believe all the ppl who actually want to read this craziness. bless your little hearts, i love ya for it.

i pledge to try and update as regularly as possible (tho, as mentioned below, the occasional headache might strike me down for a day or two). i’m going to “WESTERN PA” tomorrow afternoon. [yes, there was yet another baby born into holly’s gi-norm-o family(his name’s brennan and, yes, he’s fabulous) so we have a baptism to attend. (and *yes*, when mentioning towns and cities in pennsylvania, you must say “PA” (pronounced “PEE-AY”), especially when you’re referring to western PA. omg, *esp.*) example: washington, PEE-AY, pittsburgh, PEE-AY, ferdonia, PEE-AY] perhaps i’ll check in from there and tell you how hard it is to eat around all the pork and fried food. for a kosher jew on weight watchers?? yeah, notsomuch.


One response to “hot damn

  1. I am from easter PEE-AY and that’s how I pronounce it too. 🙂

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